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Nancy has worked with clients throughout the Orange County Area.  By reading the testimonials, you will have a greater idea on how Truly Amazing Nancy is.

Nancy is the mvp of marriage, Relationship, and anxiety counseling

I found Nancy to be an incredibly active listener. So many people in my life seem to be more concerned with how they’re going to respond to me rather than actually listening to what I have to say! Nancy makes me feel like she actually cares about what I have to say. She maintains eye contact and doesn’t seem distracted. She takes time to measure her responses. Her advice has been spot on. It’s hard for me to trust someone enough to share how I’m feeling. Thank You Nancy!



I have known Nancy Travers professionally for several years and I find her professional, caring, and a very effective therapist. Her skills are top-notch and her clients appreciate her approach, humor, and effective treatment. I highly recommend Nancy and she is first on my Orange County therapist referral list.



Nancy Was absolutely amazing.  Form the first conversation we had with her I knew that she was the “go-to” for marriage counseling.  I can’t even describe how much better off we are now that we have participated in 8 weeks of sessions and follow-ups.  Nancy is amazing!

Bonnie M.

Counseling Client

Where do I begin? Nancy Travers has helped many of our patients at our facility. Our patients have opened up to her and communicated their needs more effectively. I can now concentrate on the core of my job and not be so stressed out like I used to be. Nancy not only helps our patients here, she’s also taken the time to counsel me as well.


I chose Nancy Travers because of her attractive website and education, credentials and background. She helped me become a better communicator with others and has given me sensible advice and direction. She’s very skillful and experienced in her profession and is a good listener and very compassionate.


Nancy is not only a Marriage and Couples Counselor….She is an honest person that applies everyday reality to people’s situations.  Only through 25+ years of professional counseling can someone call it like they see it in the way that Nancy does.  Nancy is your best choice for Marriage, Couples, Anxiety, or Relationship Counseling – Hands Down!

Nathan S.

Marketing Director

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