Wonderful Experiences Shared by Nancy’s Clients


Nancy has worked with clients throughout the Orange County Area.  By reading the testimonials, you will have a greater idea on how Truly Amazing Nancy is.



Nancy is the MVP of Marriage and Couples Counseling!

I found Nancy to be an incredibly active listener. So many people in my life seem to be more concerned with how they’re going to respond to me rather than actually listening to what I have to say! Nancy makes me feel like she actually cares about what I have to say. She maintains eye contact and doesn’t seem distracted. She takes time to measure her responses. Her advice has been spot on. It’s hard for me to trust someone enough to share how I’m feeling. So many people ask how I’m doing, prod me for details, then either get distracted with their smart phones or are in a state of disconnect focusing on a reply they think will “make me feel better.” Nancy is one of the very few people in this world I don’t mind sharing things with (no matter how personal.) I know she will really listen to me and that she truly cares. My experiences with Nancy have always been professional and positive. I look forward to our talks!


Scheduling an appt w nancy was one of the best decisions we have made in years. We considered counseling for a while and finally decided to find someone. Nancy was absolutely wonderful. We will return for a follow up shortly.


Nancy was the greatest help in advising and counseling us in resolving some issues we had for a while. We now have much more appreciation for each other and our relationship is healthy. Wishing you the best Nancy. Thank you


Nancy Travers is a Great therapist, she cares about her clints and takes the time to leason. She has a Caring Heart and is very trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


I have known Nancy Travers professionally for several years and I find her professional, caring, and a very effective therapist. Her skills are top-notch and her clients appreciate her approach, humor, and effective treatment. I highly recommend Nancy and she is first on my Orange County therapist referral list.


Ms. Travers is well known and has a way of making you feel that you’re talking to a girlfriend. I’ve learned that it is best to deal with your feelings rather than keep it to yourself as people cannot read your mind. Now, I’m able to express my feelings. I now put myself first and knowing that, I cannot change the way people feel or act. Ms. Travers listens well and you feel comfortable and at ease expressing your feelings.


Nancy was highly recommended to us by several doctors. I can count on Nancy-she is consistent, she cares about my patients, and she takes the time to talk to anyone who needs help. Now, my patients are receiving good service and don’t have to worry as much.


Nancy Travers is a family friend; she helped me in rebuilding my self esteem and self worth, staying focused on my dream goals, and opening up to my true feelings to the things that mean the most to me. I’m enjoying life to fullest and am more confident in who I am. I would refer Nancy to friends and family.


Where do I begin? Nancy Travers has helped many of our patients at our facility. Our patients have opened up to her and communicated their needs more effectively. I can now concentrate on the core of my job and not be so stressed out like I used to be. Nancy not only helps our patients here, she’s also taken the time to counsel me as well.


I chose Nancy Travers because she was recommended to me by another therapist. She helped me by taking the time to listen and really understand. She offered sound advice and was able to see things from all angles. Now I have less anxiety and frustration and I have better insight into my relationships. An amazing outlet! Nancy is amazing! I have already recommended her to several friends. She is outstanding in what she does.


I had met Nancy Travers on prior occasions and was impressed with her compassion and professionalism. She is still helping me with identifying ways I can grow, become less anxious, and make better decisions. I feel more relaxed and comfortable being happy. Nancy has done a wonderful job getting me to take responsibility for my actions and she has created an environment where I can comfortably explore my uncomfortable history. Thank you, Nancy.


Nancy has helped us by talking with the clients about their conditions and how they are feeling. The clients are able to talk to someone about any problems or concerns that might be affecting their activities of daily living or any mental issues or anxiety. The service provided is very helpful to staff and clients and her service is very much appreciated.


We were referred by an insurance company to Nancy Travers and she helped the residents of our facility. Now, the environment of the nurses’ station and the facility is much calmer. Thank you, Nancy, for your kindness and friendly smile.


We found out about Nancy Travers through word of mouth. The people at Nancy’s office are very professional. Seeing Nancy and having our residents seen by her on a regular basis has been great. I have nothing but good compliments regarding her services.


I chose Nancy Travers because of her attractive website and education, credentials and background. She helped me become a better communicator with others and has given me sensible advice and direction. She’s very skillful and experienced in her profession and is a good listener and very compassionate.


I chose Nancy because of her stellar and informative website and I’ve learned a lot of new things about myself. Now, I’m less stress and anxious. Nancy is the best therapist that I have ever been to. She is practical and very knowledgeable about relationships and works with each person to find a lasting solution.