Most of us are no strangers to stress. Everyone has days when we feel overwhelmed by our to-do list! Instead of letting your schedule and tasks stress you out, take a few minutes to combat the anxiety that your busy lifestyle can produce. Try these simply ways to relax:

1.Take a minute to stop and breathe: Of course, you\’re breathing already. In fact, if you\’re very stressed or overworked, you might be breathing too hard. When it feels like you may have had too much, stop and breathe deeply. Focus on this action for a few minutes. It will help you refocus your mind, and stop some of the physical side effects of being stressed out.

2.Laugh like you mean it: Sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself when you are feeling rushed is to take a minute to yourself. If you are in a position to do it, take a few minutes to give yourself some comic relief! You might be amazed what a moment of laughter can do for your overwhelmed psyche. Pull up your favorite funny video on Youtube, or flip through AutoCorrect Fails. Mobile devices even make this possible when you\’re on the go.

3.Eliminate Clutter: When you are stressed out, your environment can start to reflect your tumultuous feelings. If you notice that your workspace, your car, or even your purse is getting out of control, take a few minutes to clean it up. Get rid of the random receipts and notes that you are no longer relevant. File papers, gather pens, group like things together. Move things off of your desktop, or out of your backseat. Having a clean environment that appears under control will help you feel the same way about your situation.

4.Adjust to your situation: Are you always rushed? Do you know that your day is going to be filled with too many activities? Is there a mound of work piling up on your desk as you read this? The best way to afford yourself some peace of mind and stress relief is to be productive in your situation. This might mean that you have to get an earlier start on your day. Early starts offer multiple benefits; it is essentially adding more hours to the day!

Prioritize everything: The majority of people feel overwhelmed when they have no semblance of order in their schedule or their tasks. Giving things order can help you get better control over your day, and relieve some of your stress. Prioritizing your work or errands can help you plan your day. Important, high priority items should be taken of early in the day. Lesser tasks can come afterwards. Remember that you generally accomplish everything at once, and that some business items may have to be moved to another day or time. Managing your schedule will help you remember that there is always time to breathe.