Dumped. Chucked. Thrown over. These are depressing, pejorative words. No one likes to be dumped. Losing the love of your life is hard enough, but to have to cope with the rejection too? The loss can seem shattering and no matter how much you tell yourself that you will get back together, that this is just a phase he is going through, you know deep down that it?s over.

Many times it is just a matter of following your instincts; if you suspect something is wrong in the relationship then you should go with your gut feeling, as you are probably right. But if you think that you might be worrying over nothing, then here are seven tips that can save you from getting upset unnecessarily.

Seven signs you are about to be dumped

  1. You call them, they never call you. This is particularly obvious if you used to call each other frequently and now you seem to be doing all the calling.
  2. Not only do they not call, but they are screening your calls as they never pick up any more, so you are forced to leave voicemail messages which they don?t return.
  3. They are suddenly busy all the time and seem to have less time to spend with you. As a result you feel a distance opening up between you, and you cannot feel the connection you once had.
  4. They say they are in one place but actually they are in another. Once the lies start, you know something is up.
  5. They used to be really affectionate with you, now the PDAs are gone and so has the bedroom time.
  6. Their friends have started to seem distant, once of them actually crossed the street to avoid you! If your partner wants out, they may already have told their friends.
  7. You seem to be fighting about lots of little things and your partner keeps picking fights over minor issues that then turn into big ones. In fact, you just can?t seem to do anything right anymore.

And of course, there is always the dreaded ?we need to talk? start to a conversation that your partner tried to keep initiating with you. If you have been managing to change the subject or leave the room when this happens, then you are only putting off the inevitable.

Gettting over being dumped is difficult and its hard work. You may feel as if he was the only one for you and that this was your only opportunity for love. Grieve for the relationship and accept that he isn?t coming back; it will hurt but you WILL get over him. And remember if he dumped you then he wasn?t right for you; I mean if he doesn?t want to be with you, then he obviously doesn?t recognize your wonderfulness. And by dumping you he is clearing the way for Mr Right.

As Scarlet O?Hara declared in such ringing tones at the end of Gone with the Wind ? ?Tomorrow is another day.? Take heart and keep searching, Mr Right is just around the corner.