divorce counseling orange countyThe statistics tell the story, 41% of first marriages end in divorce and the numbers jump to 60% for second marriages, and so on. Research tells us that most couples wait too long to seek counseling. Additionally, most of divorces occur in families with children under the age of 18.

Some relationships should not be forced to stay together – sometimes the answer is to end the marriage. This decision is never easy and is filled with a multitude of emotions—failure, guilt, sadness, relief, and stress.

Bottom line—if you are considering ending your marriage, or have already made the decision, let’s get to work and develop a plan on how to proceed.

Issues we can help you with:

  • Co-parenting skills
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Communication skills
  • Rules and boundaries for both homes
  • Address substance use/dependency/abuse issues
  • Grief recovery
  • Managing depression and anxiety
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