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Premarital Counseling in Orange County

Nancy Travers offers Premarital Counseling to couples in the Orange County area that are considering to get married or are already engaged.  Marriage is a celebration of life and love, but is also a union that requires care, maintenance, and everlasting stability. Contact Nancy today for a consultation and she will set your marriage up for success.

A recent episode on a network drama showed a couple about to be married accidentally cross paths just hours before the wedding. The bride, ”especially mortified for the groom to see her hair wrapped in giant hair curlers,” considers it bad luck for her fiancé to see her on the day of their nuptials.

“It’s a good thing,” he reassures her. “You’re going to look perfect at our wedding, but over the long term, I’m going to see you a lot more like this than like that.”

So… What’s the Point of the Story?

It’s a great metaphor for the proverbial pre-marital jitters: Will he/she still love me when the realities of life together threaten to squeeze out the honeymoon bliss?

It’s also exactly why we’re here to offer premarital counseling, Orange County based, for couples ready to take the plunge into marriage with eyes wide open. My premarital counseling, Orange County services are designed to help you enjoy a happy marriage while preparing for the realities of a long-term partnership.

Could Premarital Counseling Damage Our Relationship?

Many people worry about broaching difficult subjects with their prospective spouse for fear of spoiling the romance. In reality, few things could be better for long-term happiness than being prepared. We can’t anticipate all the obstacles that may cross your path in the future, but through my practice in premarital counseling, Orange County/Newport Beach, I can help you work through many common issues new couples often face, including:

  • Money – If you have different spending habits and priorities, you need to talk them through now. Money is a leading cause of marital strife. Learning to work together on mutually agreeable spending and saving plans will pay off tenfold in the future.
  • Religion – Many get married at a time in their life when religion is far from their mind. Maybe they don’t consider religion to be important to them at all, and for some, it isn’t. But getting married, especially if you plan to have children, has a way of bringing faith to the forefront. You don’t want to be caught off guard by realizing you’re still devoted to the religious upbringing of your youth while your spouse is a committed atheist, and you can’t seem to find common ground.
  • Parenthood – Do you want children? How do you plan to raise them? In my premarital counseling, Orange-County-based practice, I help couples understand the importance of knowing ahead of time if they agree about issues regarding children.

These are just a few of many topics we can discuss if you choose to seek premarital counseling, Orange County, whether you’re moving in together, considering marriage in the future or already engaged. The parties, flowers and limousines can wait, but preparing for potential real-life challenges are far more important right now. Please call my office today or fill out a Contact Form. I look forward to working with you.

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