How can I benefit from practicing mindful meditation?

There are many different benefits of mindful meditation, they can range from mental stability to medicinal benefits. These benefits are why mindful meditation is another great tool for therapy. I can help you learn to be present and mindful in many aspects of your life.

From a mental stance mindful meditation can help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression, increase your attention span, help maintain a sense of calm, and feel a sense of peace. The medicinal benefits can range from lowering your blood pressure to maintaining a lower heart rate, and other positive physical side effects.

Practice makes perfect!

When practicing mindful meditation, we actively participate in our daily lives; we do not neglect them by being distracted or hoping that things will change. When changes occur you should be present enough to realize what needs to be accomplished.

Just practicing being mindful is not a replacement for actively participating in our lives and making sure that your needs are taken care of. The more we practice being mindful, the more we can become less reactive to our emotions.

What are other benefits?

Many benefits of meditation are similar to yoga. In fact, when both are practiced it has been proven to increase energy, raise awareness and provide a deeper sense of calm. Awareness of the body is said to be the major stepping stone of mindfulness. Mediation is about your thoughts, any thoughts, and bringing to light any unresolved issues, we can’t eliminate thoughts, it is about removing the should’s and could’s to accepting this is where you are, which also helps us be less reactive to our emotions. Mindful meditation can help calm the mind, which slows down our emotions so that we feel at peace. After a few sessions of practicing meditation, you might notice a state of mental clarity and calmness.

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