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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach and Irvine

Marriage counseling helps bring relationships to life and enhances couples understanding of each other.

We all struggle with our relationships and communication. Most of us were not taught how to be married … how to clarify what we want… how to set our expectations and have them met. There are a variety issues you may be facing and need to address:

  • Are you feeling frustrated with your relationship?
  • Are you arguing more than making love?
  • Do you feel alone even though you are in a relationship?
  • Does you marriage suffer with sexual intimacies?
  • Do you feel like roommates instead of lovers?
  • Is there anger and resentment rather than love and tenderness?
  • Has your marriage been hurt by an affair or inappropriate behavior

Relationship and Marriage Expectations and Goals

Expectations and goals in a marriage or relationship are extremely important. Each person comes into a relationship or marriage with ideas, goals and dreams of what they think it should be like. People then tend to hinge everything they do and the way they behave around these goals. I work to help people vocalize and openly share these ideas. Then I facilitate the communication and understanding of of each person’s goals for the relationship.

Benefits of Counseling

Couples and marriage counseling can bring many positive elements to a relationship. It can help people understand each other better as well as communicate their own desires more comprehensively. Counseling can also bring issues to the forefront and help people realize some motivations for why certain individuals are wired the way that they are. One of the most important benefits that counseling can provide is the exposure and actual communication of issues that have been swept under the rug or never even brought to the surface in the first place.

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