It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken

by | Nov 27, 2009

I picked up this book, It\’s Called a Breakup Because It\’s Broken: The Smart Girl\’s Breakup Buddy co-authored by Greg Behrendt (the co-author of the smash bestseller He\’s Just Not That Into You) and Amiira Rutola-Behrendt, his wife. It first grabs you with its big ice cream graphic and its promise of helping women get over their breakups without losing their self esteem so they can move on to bigger and better things. I liked how it didn\’t talk down to the reader and used anecdotes that all begin with, “And You Thought Your Breakup Was Bad!” The authors even share their own personal breakup stories. If they\’re willing to be vulnerable and they survived, their message to the reader is so can you.

Here are the 7 Commandants to reclaim your inner Superfox (as the authors call the reader) and put yourself on a permanent “he-tox”:

Don\’t See Him or Talk to Him for Sixty Days. There are no gray areas on this commandment, according to the authors. No calls and no contact are de rigueur. Here are a few constructive suggestions to fill all of that new free time:

Reorganize your closet, your photo albums, learn how to knit, rent your favorite movies, browse magazines at your bookstore to discover new interests, try gardening and volunteer.

Get Yourself a Breakup Buddy. This is a good friend who knows about your relationship and is easily accessible via phone, email or in person.

Get Rid of His Stuff and the Things That Remind You of Him. Pack up his stuff he has at your place and then pack up your memories of you and him together. Store these in an out of the way place.

Get Your Ass in Motion Every Day. Find a new hobby or get back into your exercise routine. The key is to stay busy!

Don\’t Wear Your Breakup Out Into the World. Be strong and look confident when you leave your door. Don\’t cry, throw tantrums, or shout into your cell phone.

No Backsliding! No breakup sex, no meeting him for coffee, no taking his calls — you get the idea.

It Won\’t Work Unless You Are Number One! Find the opportunity in the breakup and make a commitment for personal change. That might mean taking care of your health and well-being as well as setting personal boundaries of time and space.

This book is not only a fast, fun read it will also give you a super boost of positive thinking if you\’ve just broken up with someone. It\’s Called a Breakup Because It\’s Broken talks to you like an old wise friend who loves you and wants to prevent you from making any regrettable mistakes. My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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