Counseling Services

Relationship Counseling

Nancy Travers is the most experienced relationship counselor in Newport Beach and the Orange County Area.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling helps bring relationships to life and enhances couples understanding of each other.  Read more about Marriage Counseling

Pre-marital Counseling

Marriage is a beautiful event in life, but being practical and honest about the relationship is recommended as well. Pre-marital Counseling will work through many common issues new couples often face.

Co-dependency Counseling

Codependency can happen between anyone with a close relationship. Let Nancy perform an in depth counseling session to get to the root of your problems with Co-Dependency.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce and marriage counseling will provide greater clarity about your options. Contact Nancy today for the most effective divorce counseling service throughout Newport Beach, Irvine, and Orange County.

Anxiety Therapy

Nancy has often worked with people in resolving their anxiety issues which can be work, family, or overall life related.  Talk to a professional about your anxiety today.

Depression Counseling

Depression counseling provides an understanding of behavior patterns, why we do what we do. It teaches healthy, effective skill building to resolve and manage your issues.  Read more about depression counseling in Orange County, CA


Ready to make progress with your life?  Get in touch for a hypnosis consultation.  Nancy’s Counseling Center is located in Newport Beach, CA, we provide hypnosis services to the greater Orange County area.

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