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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Last week we talked about how to make resolutions. Make sure they’re important to you—that they’ll make a significant enough difference in your life to motivate you to work at them. Make them realistic enough and few enough that you’re not setting yourself up for...

7 Things to Do When Mass Violence Gets You Down

It seems like every time you see the news, some new and horrific violent act—like the shooting in Las Vegas—has taken too many lives. Even if you weren’t involved and know no one who was killed or injured, it’s upsetting. It can leave you feeling sad and hopeless. And...

What Do You Expect from Therapy?

Sure you could benefit from sitting down with a professional and talking about your life. Who wouldn’t? But you haven’t had some life altering trauma or a serious mood disorder, for example. So you’re not feeling an urgent need for therapy. It’s just that you know you...

Are You Joining the Mob on Social Media?

Did your mother ever say, “If everyone else jumped off the cliff, would you jump, too?” She was trying to teach you about mob mentality and its perils. And she was trying to get you to think critically—for yourself. Of course you wouldn’t jump off a cliff if you...

You Got to Have Friends…

…the feeling’s oh so strong. You got to have friends to make the day last long. – Bette Midler Studies show that people who have satisfying relationships with friends and family are happier and healthier and even live longer than folks who don’t. In fact, people who...

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