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Lasting Love: How Do You Do It?

Falling in love is easy. It’s getting up, brushing yourself off, and making an effort to sustain a relationship that’s the hard part. Yet it’s so worth it because lasting love is its own reward. There is nothing sweeter than a committed relationship that stands the...

When Sex Isn’t Fun Anymore

Pleasurable sex is an important part of a good relationship, enhancing your life and that of your partner. Many couples start out having great sex, but time can take a toll. Often, couples just accept this waning of enjoyment when they might be able to make a few...

When Fantasy to Him Is Icky to You

Maybe he’s got some sexual preferences that sound awful to you. Or maybe your fantasy is abhorrent to him. Everyone has different ideas about sexual pleasure. The erotic psyche is complex and seldom do two people have the same desires. What is great for him might...

Waiting for Good-Sex

Why delay sex in the dating game? And how long? Steve Harvey\’s Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man—and the movie it spawned, Think Like a Man—have gone viral, prompting much discussion around water coolers, Starbucks gatherings, and date dinners across the...

Why Are Some Women Sex Addicts/Love Addicts?

“There are a number of fallacies associated with female sex addiction-including that females simply cannot be sex addicts-that they are more likely to be “relationship” or “love addicts.” The reality, however, is that female sex addicts do exist-and may...

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