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Go Ahead. Have a Good Cry

People cry for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes you cry out of frustration when you try so hard and fail to achieve what you want. Sometimes you cry out of futility—crying is really the only thing you can do. Sometimes you cry out of despair because you feel lonely,...

Do You and Your Partner Make Therapy Difficult?

All relationships have their ups and downs and sometimes you need outside help when you’re in a down period. It takes some work and some courage to get to a point where you both decide you need a therapist, so if you’ve reached that point, good for you. So let’s...

You’re Too Old for This Sh*t

Becoming an adult brings a certain amount of responsibility—you’ve got to earn a living, pay bills, be accountable for your actions. And with all that responsibility comes stress and worry. You can’t always make the world a wonderful place for everyone in your life....

Stop Comparing Your Relationship to Others

When you compare your relationship to others, you are seeing someone else’s rehearsed, perfected video. But you know all the outtakes and missed cues behind the scenes of your own video. In other words, you are comparing apples to oranges, and you are bound to come up...

How Low Self-Esteem Sabotages Relationships

It’s hard to have a good relationship with someone else when you don’t have one with yourself. If you don’t think you’re good enough, how can you attract anyone else? Who would choose you except someone else who’s a loser too? When you have low-self esteem, you agree...

Are You a Rescuer Who Picks the Wrong Partner?

Do you pick the wrong partner over and over? Do you look for a fixer-upper—someone you can help? If you’re honest with yourself, do you seek out relationships that require you to rescue or enable your partner? And when you can’t change or fix him, do you move on to...

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