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Thinking of Having an Affair?

Maybe you’ve been married awhile and you’re beginning to miss that newly in-love tingly sensation that makes you thrilled to meet the day. Maybe you’re feeling bogged down in the mundane routine of your everyday activities. Maybe you feel like you’re missing out in...

Why Do Cheaters Love Texting?

More than eight billion text messages are sent every day in the United States. That?s over 92,000 texts sent or received every second. Unfortunately, many of those messages may be interpreted as cheating. Texting is immediate contact and instant gratification. It also...

Facebook Cheating: Is It Still Going Strong?

As technology has progressed it has enabled new, sneakier methods for cheating on a significant other. First, came cell phones. As these became less expensive and more common, infidelity was easier to start and then discover: one partner noticed an inordinate amount...

Why Some Women Cheat

It may come as a surprise to some, but according to recent studies, 14% of married women have cheated on their husbands at least once. This is compared to 22% of married men. In other studies, the results are closer to equal, stating that women now cheat as much as...

Where to Start the Repair after an Affair

An affair can greatly damage a marriage, but by being honest and open you can repair the relationship. The first step toward reconciliation requires that both the “cheater” and the “cheatee” commit to wanting to make amends and save the relationship. The...

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