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The Five Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

You visited your parents recently and your mom’s behavior worried you. She didn’t seem her usual self ? she was forgetful, repeating herself in conversation and over the weekend she seemed to misplace more items than is usual. You want to just put it down...

Alzheimer’s: Receiving Care Outside the Home

by Nancy Travers,LCSW We all want to do best for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Many times that includes having the discussion of placing a spouse or parent in a long-term care facility as opposed to receiving home care. But when do we know when it’s the...

Recognizing Depression in the Elderly

By Nancy Travers You’ve just visited your parents who live out of state and you heard your mother complain all about the neighbors, the food and more. Should you mark all of this complaining as a sign of depression? Maybe. According to the National Institutes of...

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