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It’s Normal to Grieve in Abnormal Times

Are you feeling a bit off your game? A little melancholy for no specific reason? Maybe even bereft without exactly knowing why? The reason why is, you’re human. And you may be experiencing a sense of loss about the life you were used to living. Loss of spending time...

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Listen Up, Part 2

Couples who learn to actively, mindfully listen to one another have a better chance of having a deep, intimate relationship. It makes sense: When you listen well enough to understand your partner’s point of view, you understand him or her better, and the bond between...

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Listen Up

Ever heard the expression “Listen up?” Sometimes coaches say it when their team is in a huddle. They want everyone to pay particular attention to their message. Listen up. Lift your chin up; direct your gaze up into my eyes. Listen carefully and hear what I’m saying....

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The Biggest Challenge of Our Time

Hard times are upon us and it seems we have some difficult choices to make. One of them is a choice to summon our better angels or to let fear overtake us. It’s easy to succumb to fear because we would be crazy not to be concerned. But irrational fear isn’t helpful....

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Why Women Have Emotional Labor Overload

Things are getting better, but it’s still true that women do more housework than their spouses. That’s something tangible that can be measured and discussed and ultimately fixed. But there’s something a little less concrete that women do that’s harder to correct....

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Do Trial Separations Work?

Your marriage is on the rocks. You dread going home at night. You dread the weekends. You dread spending time with your spouse. You’re exhausted and frustrated and unhappy. You don’t like your life right now. But the thought of a divorce is terrifying. It’s such a...

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Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

When someone else makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s emotional abuse. It doesn’t have to be your partner—it can be a family member, a coworker or a so-called friend. ‘So-called’ because a good friend would never make you feel bad about yourself, at least not...

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