Craft Your Life

Want to create more meaningful life experiences? Want to enhance your well-being? Want to align your values with your life goals? Such lofty intentions often seem beyond us, as we strive to meet our obligations, take care of our family, and work to the point of...

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The Pursuer–Withdrawer Sexual Dynamic

Q: I’m working with a couple where one partner wants sex much more than the other, but I’m not a sex therapist. Should I refer them out? A: Good news: if you’re a couples therapist, you’re also a sex therapist! Therapists have been taught that working with sexuality...

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Money Madness in Relationships

One of the most common topics of arguments among couples is money. Furthermore, it is often the subject of perpetual problems for many. Couples fight about money over and over without resolution. Typically, one partner is more of a saver and the other partner is more...

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The Sex-Starved Marriage

By: Michele Weiner-Davis I was trained, like most therapists, to believe that when a marriage is rocky and the couple’s sex life stinks, you have to solve the emotional problems and the rest will fall into place. But I discovered that doesn’t always work, so I needed...

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Find Solace in Your Partner, Not Technology

Technology is blamed for a lot of things, but the fact is, our lives are greatly enhanced by technology. It keeps us connected, makes many mundane chores easier, provides entertainment and so much more. But it can also be very isolating. And it’s way too easy to fall...

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A Quiet Mind Is a Good Mind

A friend was going through extreme stress at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Thoroughly overwhelmed, she asked her doctor for some kind of prescription that would keep her calm as she navigated through tumultuous times. The doc prescribed quiet. He told her...

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The Power of Positive Thinking

  “The power of positive thinking can change your life.” – Devin McCourty A friend of mine, Mary, had a death in her family and she had to organize the memorial service. As if it wasn’t enough for her to write and deliver a eulogy, she had to arrange all the...

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