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6 Self Care Ideas for the Holidays

At the risk of stating the obvious, life is hectic during the holidays. Too many tasks. Too little time. Too much to eat. Too much to do for others. And not enough emotional and physical care for yourself. Some people never think of themselves during the holidays and...

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What to Do with Toxic Relatives

It’s the holidays and possibly the only time you get together with extended family members. There always seems to be one who is toxic in some way, giving everyone else fear and foreboding. This person behaves inappropriately is a way that disrupts and disturbs your...

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Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have It?

Studies show people with high emotional intelligence have greater success at being leaders, performing well on the job, and maintaining good mental health. Emotional intelligence (EI), sometimes called emotional quotient (EQ), is the ability to identify their own...

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If You Want to Be Happy, Find Your Purpose

There are all sorts of things that can give you fleeting happiness—a chocolate cake, a good golf game, a walk in the autumn woods. But if you want to experience true and lasting happiness, you must discover who you are meant to be and become your authentic self. Some...

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Long Live Love

A major key to loving someone else well is loving yourself first. When you love yourself enough to be confident in who you are as a person, then you can be open and honest. When you are, then you can admit your vulnerability to yourself and to your partner, and that...

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When Trust Is Broken

What’s the most important thing in any relationship? Certainly trust ranks high. Try to imagine operating in a partnership devoid of trust. You could never depend on anything at any given time and you’d live your life would be constant uncertainty. Not the best...

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