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Why Is My Partner So Angry?

Anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, we have been wired to get angry since caveman days—our heart rates and hormones increase giving us energy to take action. Basically, it’s a way to protect ourselves. So it’s not that anger is bad, it’s just that we no...

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Three Good Reasons to Get Married

Last time we talked about my friend Alicia, who married for the wrong reasons. First, she married to fix herself—she thought a husband would make her feel less insecure and more worthy. And because of pressure from family and friends. She went into her second marriage...

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Are You Together for the Wrong Reasons?

A friend of mine is on her third marriage, and this one is successful. But she had to go through two marriages and a lot of pain and suffering first. Can we learn from our friends about what not to do so we can enter a relationship for the right reasons? Here’s what...

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Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage counseling can be effective, but sometimes problems have gone on too long, and hurts are so ingrained that it’s difficult to heal. Or sometimes one or both partners don’t really share the truth with the therapist because it’s too difficult for them to admit...

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Now Is the Time to Focus on Kindness

The world is boiling over. If you feel you are under intense pressure, it’s probably because you are. Just suffering from the uncertainty of the times is stressful. Add to that financial worries, fear of getting sick, and interacting with your partner on a constant...

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What You Can Do to Save Your Marriage

It’s a sad fact but true: About 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Of course, on the day you get married you never expect to be in the half that do get a divorce. But chances are 50/50 that you will. So what can you do to make the odds more favorable? Here...

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Feeling Stressed and Anxious?

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious all the time, it’s no wonder. Even before the stress-inducing pandemic, we were all feeling that way. The pandemic just heightens our anxiety and brings it to the forefront. We’re feeling stressed and anxious because we have...

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