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A Relationship You Can Aspire To

You already know that to have a good relationship, you must feel pretty solid yourself. When you are coming from a good place of confidence and self-love, and only then, can you build a healthy relationship with someone else.   But what does a healthy relationship...

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From Dump to Triumph

Is there a worse phrase in the English language than “I got dumped”? The word “dump” itself is ugly. And when it happens to you it’s so personal. So hurtful. So hard to get over. Maybe the first thing you do is grab a spoon and a carton of Double Chocolate Rocky Road...

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Can You Reconcile After Separation?

It’s not easy to keep your marriage alive after you’ve been separated. You and your spouse will be full of apprehension, remembering past hurts and dreading making new mistakes. You’ll feel like you’re walking on eggshells, which is surely uncomfortable. But it’s not...

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How to Survive Separation

You never begin your relationship with the idea that you’ll end up separated. In fact, how you will handle your separation was the furthest thing from your mind when you were putting up drapes and hanging pictures together. But you know the reality—half of marriages...

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Are You the Child of a Narcissist?

It’s entirely possible to grow to be an adult without realizing your parent was or is a narcissist. You know something’s vaguely wrong—you never feel really good about yourself—but you don’t know why. Furthermore, there are confusing signals that your parent is a...

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Let Go to Live Your Best Life

Most of us think in terms of things to acquire to live our best lives—like skills, knowledge, a great partner, or a dream house. But equally important—maybe more important—are the things we learn to shed like old skin. Things we can get rid of to free ourselves. Once...

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