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Have You Gone Too Far with Your Partner?

Sometimes you say things to your partner that you don’t really mean. It happens to all of us, especially in moments of stress or anger. When you’re overwhelmed you lash out at the nearest person without thinking of the consequences. Or, you may do it because you’re...

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How to Fight Fair

First of all, don’t fight if it means you fight dirty. Instead, argue or disagree. But don’t fight if you have to pull out all the stops to defeat your partner. Remember, you’re with this person because you love him. Because you believe in him. You may not always see...

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Why Is My Partner So Angry?

Anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, we have been wired to get angry since caveman days—our heart rates and hormones increase giving us energy to take action. Basically, it’s a way to protect ourselves. So it’s not that anger is bad, it’s just that we no...

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Three Good Reasons to Get Married

Last time we talked about my friend Alicia, who married for the wrong reasons. First, she married to fix herself—she thought a husband would make her feel less insecure and more worthy. And because of pressure from family and friends. She went into her second marriage...

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