Is It Love or Trauma Bonding?

Determining whether a relationship is characterized by trauma bonding or genuine love can be complex, as both can involve strong emotional connections. Here are some key differences to help distinguish between the two: Trauma Bonding Intense Emotional Roller Coaster:...

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Connect with Your Voice

A friend has her own marketing communications business, and she’s been told her high-pitched voice makes her sound unprofessional and not credible. She agrees with her critics. After all, she hires voice-over actors with strong, low voices to record messages she wants...

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Flooding and Conflict Avoidance In Relationships

Flooding and conflict avoidance can manifest in various ways within relationships, affecting communication, emotional health, and overall relationship dynamics. Flooding in Relationships: Emotional Overwhelm: During arguments, one partner may feel an intense surge of...

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How to Have a Good Divorce

Decades ago, divorce was a shameful thing, to be avoided at all costs. People who were divorced often suffered from the stigma, awash in feelings of failure. Thankfully, things have changed so people don’t have to feel compelled to stay in a bad relationship that’s...

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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

The Simon and Garfunkel song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, makes it sound easy to end a relationship. As the lyrics say, “Just make a new plan, Stan, and get yourself free.” But it’s much more complicated than that, especially if you’re in a marriage and have...

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Want Conflict Resolution? Regulate Your Emotions

When you are a little child, you have very little control over your environment. To compensate, many children learn to self-soothe. They suck their thumbs or cuddle their blankies, and thus calm their anxieties. But when they grow up, they give up childish things, and...

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When Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Let’s face it. Even in the most loving relationships, time can erode the feeling of extreme closeness. The intensity of sexual attraction wanes and romance becomes a sweet memory of the past. But when it devolves into a roommate or sibling-like relationship, it’s past...

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Being Overcontrolling Can Ruin Your Relationships

I have a friend, Donna, who was fifty years old when she was cutting green beans in preparation for dinner at her mother’s house. Her mother stood over her, eyeing her technique. “That’s not how you cut green beans,” Donna’s mother said. Something in Donna switched,...

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