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7 Signs You’re Having an Emotional Affair

What’s an emotional affair? Not a physical, face-to-face affair, but an online affair that involves you emotionally. With social media, it’s easy to get sucked into an online relationship before you know it. Even if you aren’t sneaking off to a hotel room, if you’re...

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Oh, You Got to Have Friends…

…the feeling’s oh so strong. When Bette Midler belts out this song, you know how critical friendship is for survival in this world. Friends have an enormous influence on your life and can make the difference between health and happiness or loneliness and isolation....

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How to Earn Back Your Partner’s Trust

First off, let me say this: It’s a lot better not to breach your partner’s trust to begin with. Because it’s very hard and it takes a long time to earn back trust once you’ve blown it. So think carefully before you succumb to that temptation that will forever change...

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How to Fight Fair

First of all, don’t fight if it means you fight dirty. Instead, argue or disagree. But don’t fight if you have to pull out all the stops to defeat your partner. Remember, you’re with this person because you love him. Because you believe in him. You may not always see...

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