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How to Recover From a Narcissist

If you’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist, you know how destructive they can be, leaving you feel powerless and depressed with your self-esteem shattered. Still, your sense of compassion and empathy makes you wonder how the narcissist could treat you so...

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How to Disengage From a Narcissist

If someone is treating you badly, you can just leave, right? Unless that person is your boss or your spouse or your mother or some other family member. And what if you know you’re being treated badly but keep making excuses for your abuser? Or what if you’re just used...

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When People Pleasing Isn’t Pleasant

When the flight attendant tells you to put on your oxygen mask first, before helping others, you know why. You’ve got to take care of yourself or you’ll be no good to anyone else. But People Pleasers seldom put themselves first. They subjugate their own needs in an...

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The Power of Your Love

The Marlboro Man is a symbol of American independence—the rugged guy who doesn’t need anyone but himself. But the fact is, he needs his cigarettes, a really unhealthy habit. Smoking might even be a crutch for a guy who has to handle life alone. Very likely he’d be...

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Do You Have a Marriage Emergency?

Whatever happened to your marriage? It used to be so good. Then one day you realized he bugs you in so many ways. His formerly delightful way of interjecting humor into every conversation is now an irritating habit of never taking anything seriously. What used to be...

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Stuck in a Downward Dating Cycle?

You know the routine. You meet someone. Sparks fly. You think he might be the one. Your hopes soar. After all, you’ve been dating loser after loser for years now. It’s your turn. Your time. And then you’re out together, introducing him to your friends, and he starts...

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Working toward Happiness

Anything worth having is worth working for. Happiness is one of those things. Yes, sometimes happiness falls in your lap, but it’s usually temporary. Lasting happiness takes some work. As the Dalai Lama XIV says, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from...

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How to Survive Infidelity

Many marriages survive infidelity, but to do so successfully takes commitment and hard work on the part of both partners. While unfaithfulness has many causes and the roots of the problem can be complex, for purposes of this article we’ll talk about the Faithful...

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