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Do You Have a Secure, Loving Bond?

Our brains are hardwired for love. That is, we need secure, loving relationships to flourish. A fundamental sense of security and emotional nourishment helps us feel confident and happy. We when feel this deep love our immune systems are bolstered as well. By...

Strengthen Your Emotional Connection

You want a better relationship with your partner? Many of us try honing our relationship skill set, like practicing good listening. Or good communication, for example. These are really good skills to have—in a love relationship but also in the office and with your...

Resolve Not to Break Your Resolutions

Lose weight. Save money. Exercise more. These are probably the resolutions made most often and therefore the resolutions broken most often. So why not make a resolution not to break your resolutions? Imagine how good you’ll feel when you stick to your plan and achieve...

Ideas to Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions

Thinking of making New Year’s resolutions? A lot of people choose the beginning of the year as a time to take stock, reflect on their lives and prepare for a successful year ahead. And what are the most popular goals? Losing weight and getting healthy. Such laudable...

How to Keep Your Temper Under Control

How to Keep Your Temper Under Control When you’re stressed or hurried it’s easy to let your temper flare. That’s what happens to toddlers when they have a meltdown in the grocery store. But now that you’re much older, meltdowns are not acceptable. One remedy is the...

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