Counseling Services

The Value of Counseling and Talk Therapy

You want positive results - and you do not want a relapse. That is the goal of what we try to accomplish here at Nancy's Counseling Corner through our counseling services.

Many believe that if they simply take antidepressant pills and medication, their problems will disappear. Yet new studies reveal that medication alone does not always equate to success. In addition to addiction and unwanted (possibly devastating) side effects, approximately 60% of those tested in a recent research study relapsed into depression if they did not seek psychotherapy. That number dropped a mere 8% chance of relapsing if they sought counseling (Department of Psychiatry, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam).

Successful Counseling Depends On...

Feeling free to talk openly about how you feel, along with a belief that you are going to be helped is key on the path to healing. Your beliefs, hopes, expectations and relationship with the therapist play an important role in how successful you will be in improving your quality of life and state of mind.

It's clear that psychotherapy works as well or better than drugs to treat depression. It is a safe and effective alternative to drugs and helps prevent a relapse.

Below are the counseling services I offer which will help you experience positive change:

Counseling Services

  • Relationship Counseling - Relationship counseling can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds. Let us help you learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, family, friends and co-workers.
  • Couples & Marriage Counseling - Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, helps couples understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.
  • Gay & Lesbian Counseling - Let us help you deal with the challenges of being gay or lesbian. Whether you are having difficulty 'coming out,' dealing with family, or having a healthy relationship, we can help.
  • Depression Counseling - Depression can feel like a wave washing over you and leaving you overwhelmed and scared. This is a confusing and scary period of time that you can beat by learning effective strategies for managing your depression.
  • Anxiety Counseling - It is possible to take control of your anxiety. I counsel and teach the effective strategies to give the power back to you.
  • Hypnosis - Hypnosis can help with many problems, ranging from forming healthy habits to helping cope with depression and anxiety to creating a positive approach to relationships.
  • Elder Care Counseling - Parents and grandparents get older, and sometimes problems can arise with relating to the issues faced by them.
  • Orange County Therapist - I serve the greater Orange County area as a licensed Therapist. My areas of expertise include Relationships, Anxiety and Depression, and Grief and Loss. I am here to help you work through the difficult times in life.
  • Mindful Meditation - Meditation is a great tool for therapy. Through mindful meditation, I can help you reduce stress and anxiety while also increasing your attention span, peaceful feelings, and sense of calm. There are also medical benefits such as lowering blood pressure. It takes practice, but I would love to help you learn!
  • Codependency in Relationships - While the term "codependency" can sound like a positive thing, the long-term effects of dependency can be devastating in relationships. I can guide your relationship toward some healthy changes and away from destructive dependency.
  • Premarital Counseling - I offer counseling for couples who are ready to dive into marriage, but need guidance on how to ensure that the marriage is a success. Let me help you work through the common issues that arise in marriages such as religion and parenthood.

Contact me today to begin your recovery process through my counseling services.