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Manipulative Tricks by Verbal Abusers

Verbal abuse can be just as damaging—or more—than physical abuse. But let’s not have a contest. They’re both horrible. It’s just that verbal abuse is often brushed aside, as if it’s not really harmful. But sometimes the long-lasting effects of verbal abuse can be soul crushing. Sticks and stones can break your bones AND words […]

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Triangulation Manipulation

Triangulation Manipulation Ever been caught in a situation where one friend complains to you about another? And that friend complains to you about the first friend? Often this complaining is perfectly benign and unintentional in its harmful effects. But sometimes triangulation—getting a third person to validate your opinion—is toxic. Think of the game mean girls […]

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Why Are You Staying in a Toxic Relationship?

Sometimes, even when you are suffering in a toxic situation, it’s difficult to extricate yourself. The first thing is to recognize that you are, indeed, in an abusive relationship. Here are some signs: Anger. It’s a pretty good giveaway that the person you’re dealing with is toxic. If he flies off the handle, has violent mood swings, beware. […]

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