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Are You a Grownup Yet?

Emotional intelligence is hard to come by. You probably have to go through some trials and failures as you make the journey toward maturity. It takes a certain amount of experience and insight to develop it. But the smarter you are about learning life’s lessons, the...

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Two Things That Matter Most in a Partner

If you’ve been on a dating site lately you’ve probably indicated all sorts of preference. You like to stay home and eat pizza and watch Netflix, your ideal vacation is sipping cocktails with little umbrellas in them on a beach in the Caribbean, and classical jazz is...

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How Do You Know Your Love Is Real?

It’s an age-old question: What is true love? And how will you know when you’ve found it? Does it strike you like lightening or does it tiptoe up to you and settle in gently? Does everyone find it or only a lucky few? And how do you know it’s real? We’re talking about...

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Are You Addicted to a Toxic Relationship?

We’re all familiar with the perils of addiction—surrendering to a substance that you can’t resist, until you are entirely under its control. You go back for more repeatedly because the short-term rush is great. But the long-term harm is even greater, and it’s...

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Five Relationship Red Flags

When you’re in a new relationship, you’re probably swept up in the delight of it all. And you should be. It’s great to enjoy it. But sometimes, in the effort to put your best foot forward and give the benefit of the doubt, you miss red flags. You know, those are the...

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