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Are You Addicted to a Toxic Relationship?

We’re all familiar with the perils of addiction—surrendering to a substance that you can’t resist, until you are entirely under its control. You go back for more repeatedly because the short-term rush is great. But the long-term harm is even greater, and it’s...

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Five Relationship Red Flags

When you’re in a new relationship, you’re probably swept up in the delight of it all. And you should be. It’s great to enjoy it. But sometimes, in the effort to put your best foot forward and give the benefit of the doubt, you miss red flags. You know, those are the...

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3 Signs Your Marriage Is Almost Over

When you began your marriage you had every good intention. You believed in “death do us part.” You were in love. But since most people feel the same, it’s a wonder that half of marriages end in divorce. But they do. It’s hard to admit, even if just to yourself, that...

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Resolved: Re-Boot Your Relationship

Make 2019 the year you prioritize your relationship. Formulating resolutions together is a great way to focus on what you both agree is important. Working on keeping those resolutions can strengthen your connection and even revitalize it. Here are some suggestions....

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Give Yourself a Holiday Gift

It’s the best gift of all—self care. After all, you are probably thinking of everyone else in your family and community at this time of year. You’re planning, shopping, wrapping gifts, arranging travel details, taking candied pecans to the elderly woman across the...

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How to Face Your Family at Holiday Time

Every family has problems. You just don’t see them on social media because that’s where you post picture perfect portraits of family gatherings. But trust me, every family has issues. And you’re bound to come across at least one challenge or two when you all get...

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Do You Speak Your Lover’s Language?

The language of love comes in many dialects. The trick is to learn to speak your partner’s dialect, or at least to understand it. And if possible, to appreciate it. The trouble comes when you expect your beloved to speak your language. For example, Sally is a Gifter....

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