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Why Did Your Partner Cheat on You

Why, oh why, did he or she cheat? You’ve been loyal. You’ve been good. You worked hard to be a model spouse. But your partner still cheated on you. What are the reasons behind this betrayal, other than your partner is a low-life, good-for-nothing scum? Of course, he’s...

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Six Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Marriage

Half of all marriages end in divorce. Many of those failed marriages are due to six common problems. Being aware of these problems gives you a head start in avoiding them. And if you can’t avoid them, perhaps awareness will help you identify them and seek help to...

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Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Life happens. You get so busy you barely have time to brush your teeth let alone schedule some one-on-one time with your spouse. But the truth is, you make time for what’s important to you. And if your marriage is important, you need to pay attention and make sure...

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What You Can Do to Save Your Marriage

It’s a sad fact but true: About 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Of course, on the day you get married you never expect to be in the half that do get a divorce. But chances are 50/50 that you will. So what can you do to make the odds more favorable? Here...

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Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage counseling can be effective, but sometimes problems have gone on too long, and hurts are so ingrained that it’s difficult to heal. Or sometimes one or both partners don’t really share the truth with the therapist because it’s too difficult for them to admit...

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How Predators Groom Their Victims

Because we teach children about stranger danger, they know they should be wary of people they don’t know. As adults, we’re aware of strangers we should steer clear of. But people who are emotional and sexual predators are often people we know. And that is one of the...

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