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Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage counseling can be effective, but sometimes problems have gone on too long, and hurts are so ingrained that it’s difficult to heal. Or sometimes one or both partners don’t really share the truth with the therapist because it’s too difficult for them to admit...

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How to Tell Your Loved One He Needs Therapy

It’s one of the toughest conversations you’ll ever have. But because you love this person, you feel obligated to undertake it. You’ve done your homework and you know your loved one needs therapy. You’ve researched the signs of depression or anxiety or whatever it is...

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How Predators Groom Their Victims

Because we teach children about stranger danger, they know they should be wary of people they don’t know. As adults, we’re aware of strangers we should steer clear of. But people who are emotional and sexual predators are often people we know. And that is one of the...

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Are You a Grownup Yet?

Emotional intelligence is hard to come by. You probably have to go through some trials and failures as you make the journey toward maturity. It takes a certain amount of experience and insight to develop it. But the smarter you are about learning life’s lessons, the...

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Two Things That Matter Most in a Partner

If you’ve been on a dating site lately you’ve probably indicated all sorts of preference. You like to stay home and eat pizza and watch Netflix, your ideal vacation is sipping cocktails with little umbrellas in them on a beach in the Caribbean, and classical jazz is...

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